April 12 2009

We are back! Let's see, a year long effort to revamp and update the site and before that the last real update was about... oh, well, a longer than it should have been.

Since the last update Von Glitschka was kind enough to let me join in his first book Crumble, Crackle, Burn: 120 Stunning Textures for Design & Illustration in which he gathered an awesome group of illustrators to put their skills to use and mixing them with textures he gathered himself to create a book of incredible art. My illo was titled "No Place to Change":


Gigposters.com continually supports its illustrators and designers and everyone once in a while they get to give back to the site through special projects. I have been lucky to participate in a few of them.

This blobulous ed bundy sits firmly in the deck of GigPosters.com Playing Cards - Deck #3:


The GigPosters.com 2009 Pinup Calendar focuses on 12 illustrators bringing the internal beauty of the brush to the silkscreened paper canvas. Limited to pre-assigned 3 colors each it is a fantastic site to see in your hands.


Dare you gather such monkeys and make a coloring book fit for the kiddies?? We did. GigPosters.com Coloring Book: Volume 1 brings 40 illustrators and bends them to successfully do what they do best in a black and white format ready for a crayon's wrath.


Also, check out my other site specifically for the artwork that usually sits alone at the table.



All artwork ©Nathan Santistevan and their respective owners.