Act - Don't React

It's a belief that reassures my feet are planted where I want them to be. It has helped me take my imagination places to where I would like to think not too many other footprints have been made before. It helps me start fresh and be original for each and every project.

Doggydoodle has been in the business of making faces in the mirror for over 7 years now. Basically, it's the child that wants to draw cartoons mixed with the designer that has to obey the rules. It's a winning combination that has given me some fun projects and let me work with some great people.

I have been illustrating my entire life and winning an award here and there to feed the habit. The most important tool I use is the one that links me to the vast community of my peers like the peeps at and Sugar Frosted Goodness. Seriously, without these people I wouldn't try most of the things I do to grow. I am a team player on a team of hundreds.

Most recently I have been working for the Quiznos Sub marketing department as its Art Director designing POP, Direct Mail, FSIs and other communication pieces for some of their most successful product launches ever.

Contact Me

Work with me. And then work with me again. If you have a creative ball just sitting there let me know. I can help you get that thing rolling in no time. Really.

- Nathan

Hey look! There's more!

I have also launched a site specifically for the spot illustrations I have worked on over the last few years. Since there are so many of them I thought a separate venue would be appropriate. See below:



All artwork ©Nathan Santistevan and their respective owners.